Foreign exchange rates

Watch all the currency exchange rates converted to your local currency, for example, you can keep track on the euro exchange rate on a daily basis. All the data is brought to you in a nice clean high-tech design.

Historical rates

Use this app as an historical currency converter. select any date you want from the last there months, and find out the currency in that specific day. Very useful for business who closed A deal at a certain currency rate.

Super fast currency converter

With a click of a finger, type the amount you want to convert and get the result immediately! you can also send the given amount by email or sms. Very useful for travelers as A currency calculator.

Currency Converter main features

Your currency data will always be up to date

Works offline

All the features mentioned above works even when you are offline!!!
This allows you to travel in the world without internet connection and still handle currency conversion.

Clean high-tech design

Enjoy finding your currency rates in a fine, clean high-tech design

Arrange the currency list

Press and hold a currency from the main list and drag it to the position you like. the order of the currencies will remain even after you close and reopen the app

Historical chart

Watch any currency history in an interactive graph. Touch the graph with a single finger to see data in any date from the past three months.

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